We offer 12 soap options.  All use the same base recipe, with varying aromas and botanicals. The base recipe include saponified oils of olive, RSPO palm, coconut, cocoa butter and castor.

The bars weigh 4.25 ounces and dimensions are 3.25" wide by 2.25" high by 1" thick.

You can also shop for our gift sets, soap dishes, and sample packs.

Our soaps are also available in these Twin Cities stores. They are also available at Natural Alternative Food Co-op in Luck WI.

COVID-19 update: We're experiencing higher than usual demand and some scents are out of stock and disabled on the store until more is available. Don't worry - we have plenty of raw materials and continue to make soap. 

Here is the anticipated release schedule for our out-of-stock soaps:

  • April 10: geranium
  • April 17: oatmeal tangerine, tangerine clove