Welcome to Bryn Mawr Soap's web page!  Bryn Mawr Soap Company (pronounced "brin mar") makes and sells handmade, natural soaps that are great for your skin! We're dedicated to promoting the use of natural soaps by offering excellent, affordable soaps. 
COVID-19 update: We're experiencing higher than usual demand. This is good - we like to make sure people are washing their hands. But some scents are out of stock and disabled on the store until more is available (the release schedule is on the soap page). Don't worry - we have plenty of raw materials and continue to make soap. Lots of soap.
NEW: We're offering pick-up on local orders! This option is available in the checkout process. We don't have regular hours - we'll work it out as it happen.
Stay safe, and keep washing your hands!
We designed our recipe to meet these criteria:

  • all natural ingredients - no artificial scenting or additives
  • extra oils added that have conditioning properties
  • wonderful lather and a durable bar to last a long time
  • affordable for you to use on a regular basis

Join the hoards of satisfied customers who refuse to go back to their old soap.  Why not give it a try?  Our soap is a small luxury you and your skin can't afford to ignore!  Buy online or find our soap in these Twin Cities stores.