About Us

Who we are and why we sell soap

Bryn Mawr Soap Company was founded in January, 2000 by a pioneering pair of Minnesotans who grew very tired of their dry skin problems.  The business evolved from a hobby of making soap to relieve our own dry skin problems.  We knew that handmade soaps were the best way to manage dry skin and wanted a simplified product that focuses on good ingredients for skin, at a reasonable price.  We didn't find anyone else making this type of soap, so we made it ourselves.

We turned this into a business because market demand led us down that path.  People LOVED our soaps!!  We're pleased to continue to provide high-quality soaps at affordable prices so your skin can feel as good as ours!

Bryn Mawr Soap is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Soaps are distributed directly (online/mail order and a few events) and through a growing list of stores, primarily cooperatives and natural food stores.

Our mission

We have a mission:  to get people to USE natural soap.  It seems to us that many people buy natural soap to give away as gifts, or to put on display in their bathrooms.  Or, they simply don't buy because the soap is too hard to find or too expensive.  We want you to buy our soap and use it; to enjoy the skin-conditioning qualities that natural soap has to offer... at an affordable price.

What makes our soap unique from other natural soaps?  In a general sense there isn't too much difference.  Our focus is on the base recipe, which includes extra conditioning oils to help skin.  We also don't use any artificial scenting or additives.  We don't focus our efforts on creative scenting and packaging, or other overhead that drives up price without contributing to quality.
To find out more about the benefits of natural soap and how it differs from commercially-produced soap, or to learn more about us, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Meet the soapmakers

Bryn Mawr Soap is made and distributed by a crackpot team of soapmakers. 

  • Karen Soderberg, head soapmaker in charge
  • Steve Harvey, soap schlepper and chemist
  • Artie J Dog, cuteness manager
  • Patsy J Cat, guardian of the soap dungeon


Bryn Mawr Soap Company, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Ph: 612-374-3613 

Email:  info@brynmawrsoap.com